Advantages and disadvantages of downloading

As I have pointed out before that downloading raises some conflicts between the owners of what is being downloaded and the one who is downloading. Firstly, let look at the advantages of downloading and let also assume your downloading is legal: downloading enables us to download music of our choice from the computer to our CDs, cell phones, etc. at anytime we like for free. By downloading, you get music for free in short time. What’s the need of going to music stores? No more need to do so. You don’t have to buy the whole CD for jus one track that you are interested in. downloading is time consuming and money saver because you can download as many songs as you like. It is not only the music that we can download, but we can also download music videos and movies as well as games. We also share downloads with our friends for free.

On the other hand downloading has some disadvantages. Some sites which allow unlimited downloading are illegal (they break the laws of copyright). And obviously there are people who are loosing from this process of downloading. There is a coming generation where the use of CDs will be a history, where there would be no cell phone without internet features.


2 thoughts on “Advantages and disadvantages of downloading

  1. downloading is great i mean they even take the time to make sure that songs are compressed so that you can ensure as many songs as possible on your phone despite it being illegal or much as we are aware that this is damaging to sales it still hasn’t stopped anyone from downloading.timbaland on the other hand has decided to create a cd where it shall only be available via downloading and not in record stores.eventually cds will become a thing of the past and this will be guaranteed by other artists gatting aboard and doing the same.use of cellphones in this regard seems to be on the rise and communication seems to be the least concern even though cellphones were intended for the purpose of communication

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